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Bidding Boxes and other Bidding devices (5 Products)

These boxes for bidding are supplied in sets of 4 and come complete with bidding cards. They are easy to open and close and fold flat for easy storage and transport. They are available in three colours, red, green and black.

Each bidding card has the scores for each contract printed on the reverse of the card. The cards do not need to be rearranged when the boxes are opened.

You can chose between Bid Buddy Bidding Boxes made by  the Swedish company Jannersten and are known as  Bridge Partners that  are manufactured for the Danish Bridge Federation. The latter measure approximately 152x89x32mms and are supplied with brackets so that they can be attached to the side of wooden Bridge tables (screws are not included).  The Bid Buddies are slight smaller

NOTE Both types of boxes come supplied with cards suitable for use by right handed players. We are happy to swap them to make them suitable for left handers. Just let us know and we will make the change!  Also if your cards are getting tatty and worn out we can supply replacements.

All you need to know about boxes for bidding

They were invented in Sweden in 1962 by Gösta Nordensonand and they were first used at a World Bridge Championships game in 1970. Their usage eventually spread in Europe, United States and across the world, and today they present a virtually indispensable piece of equipment

The main benefits of their use are

  1. The noise level in the playing area is dramatically reduced
  2. Auctions can no longer be overheard at other tables.
  3. Because bidding cards remain on the table, players can review the auction as it progresses.
  4. Bids out of turn are rare.