Bridge Essentials

Here at Richmond Bridge you will find everything a Bridge player needs from Bridge Tables, Bridge cloths and bidding boxes, all types of Bridge stationery for Bridge scoring , scorecard holders, duplicate boards and cardholders.

We stock a selection of 9 folding card tables to suit all budgets from cheap metal legged tables to top of range baize covered Pelissier tables. All are extremely stable and robust. To cover these we have a choice of Bridge cloths ranging from plain washable velvet bridge cloths to the beautiful decorative edged bridge cloths which make a lovely gift.

Bidding boxes have become an indispensable part of the game. They avoid confusion when a bid is made and there is no need for the player to speak his/her bid as the cards are laid on the table for everyone to see .

We stock a full range of essential stationery for both Rubber and Chicago Bridge scoring and even tally cards if you are playing 2 or 3 table Bridge . We offer scorepads and score card holders from basic to luxury.

You will also find cardholders specially made for players who have difficulty holding the cards and trump indicators for those who can’t remember what contract is being played!!


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