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Large print playing cards and gift sets (6 Products)

Richmond Bridge supplies large print Playing Cards and Bridge sets.  These are also known as Jumbo index cards.

These cards are of a normal size but printed with enlarged indexes making them especially easy to read, particularly by people with visual impairments.  They are also used by Bridge players with good vision who like the clarity of these faces.

All large print cards are of top quality and are supplied boxed as double packs.  We have taken great care to select sets of cards where the decks are very different and easy to tell apart even by people with low vision. They are a perfect gift for any Bridge player.

The Caspari jumbo type playing cards come in sets of two beautiful coordinating decks. Featuring designs from museums and artists around the world, these easy to read cards make beautiful gifts. They are packaged in a gold gift box for easy giving and storage. The cards measure 58 x 89 mms.

The Piatnik large print Bridge cards are plainer than the Caspari ones and are also supplied as a boxed double pack. The box contains one pack of burgundy and the other navy playing cards The cards measure 58 x 89 mms.